Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saffy's Angel by Hilary McKay

Saffron Casson has discovered that she's adopted. The daughter of her mother's twin, Saffy was brought back by her Grandad from Siena, Italy, when her mom died in a car crash. At Grandad's death, he leaves something to Saffy: it is "her angel." How Saffy discovers what her angel is lies at the heart of this enchanting story. - SBCL

Saffron, nicknamed Saffy, didn't possess a color name as the other three children in her family (Cadmium, Indigo, and Rose). When she is eight years old, she learns why. She is an orphan and goes on a whirlwind trip to her birthplace in Siena, Italy, to seek and reunite with an inherited stone angel in a garden. The theme of family and friendships offers memorable characterizations and humor. - CDE

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